Am I the only one who's excited for this?


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Passion pit 5/28/09


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Thursday night I headed out to the Troubadour in West Hollywood to see Passion Pit. I must say, the said band is even more amazing live. Really enjoyed the show... and the afterparty, which was held at Foxtail...

The show.

The afterparty.

To see more pictures, check out the set on my flickr.

Eatskeet monday 5/25/09


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Eatskeet Monday at Temporary Spaces keeps getting better. Lots of familiar faces came through...

Before the night started, I kicked it at Skeet's place. Eating sushi while watching season one of Skins = safe.

Tracy starting the night off right. Thanks for playing Snoop Dogg Millionaire for me.

Caleb and Steph dooring it.

My homie, Bree, came through last week to see The Knux. I wasn't super surprised when I saw her back with Meigan by her side.

The first guest Dj of the night was Sammy Bananas. He unexpectedly brought mad hiphop jams to the venue.

Anna(djANNALOG) was killing it on the dance floor with Hollywood Holt. If you don't know who she is, check out the post The Hundreds did on her.

Mano came through. Dude was ill!!!

Full of win.

Super nice dude, DJ Excel!

Verbs was the live performer of the night.

Lady Sovereign also made it out for some fun.

Jubilee ended the night with some much needed dubstep.


To see more pictures, check out the set on my flickr.

Passion pit afterparty!!!


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So if you're not going to be at the actual Passion Pit show on Thursday, make sure to come out to the afterparty at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. See you guys there!

Hiking at bronson park 5/22/09


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This Friday I went out with some friends to go hiking at Bronson Park. I seriously haven't been on a hike in a while and forgot how epic they could be...

Before doing anything, we had to make sure to grab some food so we would have energy for our hike.

On the drive to the park, I spotted a chick with Moishe, a character from 'Where the Wild Things Are', tatted on her arm. Not only did I think this was a sick tat, but it made me even more excited for the MOVIE! Who's down to dress up with me?

The weather was perfect for a nice hang out with nature.

Ran into a pretty dope skate spot. But no skate equipment to test it out. :(.

Lauren guided us throughout the whole hike. Definitely down to go back soon. Wrd.

To see more pictures, check out the set on my flickr.